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The Beginning

Judith Beheading Holofernes

by Artemisia Gentileschi

The Uffizi Gallery Florence

The numbers are not much better on the Streaming platforms.


While 2020 saw an improvement in female representation in the film industry - and only the second woman (& the first one of colour) in the Academy's history to win an Oscar for directing - we still don't see equal numbers in crew members across all departments

  • 80% of top/high level films do not have a woman at the helm


  • 25% of recent UK cinema releases have been by women, a number boosted by many blockbuster’s releases being postponed due to the pandemic (Birds Eye View)


  • In the USA women made up only 16% of the 100 highest grossing films of 2020


  • Of those 100 films women accounted for only 28% of the producers, 21% of the executive producers, 18% of editors, 12% of screenwriters and 3% of cinematographers


  • 67% of major films employed between zero and four women as heads of department (HODs), compared to 70% of top films which had 10 or more men employed as directors, writers and other jobs

The numbers are not much better on the Streaming platforms.

  • Women accounted for only 31% of key crew positions

  • 63% of shows employed 5 or fewer female crew; 16% of programs employed 5 or fewer men

  • 94% of the shows had no female directors of photography, 81% had no women editors, 76% had no women directors, 73% had no women creators and/or showrunners

Centre for the Study of Women in Film and Television, San Diego State University

Artemisia's Daughters was founded by Alexandra Boyd & Carla Orrú in 2020.

They met ten years before singing in a choir together. Many tunes and laughs were shared and a friendship grew that also saw Carla become an investor in Alexandra's debut feature film WIDOW'S WALK.
Over a very long lunch at BAFTA in Piccadilly one day, they realised they had the combined talents to create a place where all women, of all ages and all backgrounds, could see themselves working in the film industry in roles that traditionally and for the longest time have been done by men. 


The women 


  • Artemisia's Daughters is a platform where all women are encouraged, educated and employed for equal pay in the film & television industries regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lifestyle, age, educational background, financial status, national origin, religion or physical ability




  • Artemisia's Daughters wants to empower, support and mentor the next generation of women filmmakers

  • Artemisia's Daughters believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to become involved in the film industry no matter what their gender, race, social background or individual circumstances  

  • We value women's stories and the stories told by women and their contributions to cinema & television

  • We value and support the presence of more women in crew and creative positions on the film industry

  • Artemisia's Daughters values the experience of the women working in the industry and the high quality of experience and wisdom they share with the generations of female filmmakers to come

  • Artemisia's Daughters values diversity, inclusion and a collaborative way of working with people of all social backgrounds, ages, genders, race and sexual orientation to ensure that all voices and everyone's contributions are heard


Alexandra Boyd

Before turning to writing, producing and directing, Alexandra enjoyed a long and successful career as an actress in film, television and theatre. Her acting credits include Mr Holland's Opus, Coronation Street, From Paris With Love and James Cameron's Titanic.
At drama school and throughout her career, directing wasn't a something she ever considered for herself as she was rarely directed by a woman. Likewise departments such as camera, sound and film composition were helmed by men. 
She didn't start writing and directing until someone asked her - she was in her forties. Many times since she's wished she'd had the education, inspiration and seen more examples of women doing those jobs. She would have taken the helm much earlier... 

Alexandra wanted to create a place that would show young people still in school, and women at various points in their careers, the many film and TV crew departments beyond hair, makeup and costume design and open up a world of ideas and opportunities for us all to explore.
As a result ARTEMISIA'S DAUGHTERS were born.

Carla Orrú

Carla is originally from Sardinia but has lived in London for over 10 years. She's enjoyed fundraising for her choir and Emilia Clarke's charity Same You and is incredibly excited to be starting a new venture that connects to her passions for the performing arts and for creating tangible change and helping women reach their full potential.
She believes education and representation play an extremely important role in achieving diversity on film and TV sets and wants to equip women of all ages with the tools to take ownership of their lives. 

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