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As female artists and creatives we stand on the shoulders of the women who created before us. None is a more powerful and inspiring example than Baroque painter Artemisia Gentleschi. We want to empower, inspire and educate women, young and old, to get involved in filmmaking at all levels and in all departments. 

We believe the dearth of female directors, producers cinematographers, composers, first assistant directors, art directors, sound designers and many other heads of departments is because of lack of knowledge and encouragement and that young women coming up in the industry are not seeing enough examples of successful female filmmakers.

Here there'll be resources to network and market your skills as well as find ways to train and learn more about the industry.

We are just starting out so in person workshops, competitions and inspiring talks by successful women in the industry will have to wait for a bit.


In the meantime we are raising awareness and funds to create opportunities for women in the future. we are asking for any and all who want to get involved to subscribe to our mailing list. 


If you think you have something to contribute & want to help ~



You can donate money (always appreciated). If you are a professional in the film or television industry you could donate your time and expertise.

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While 2020 saw an improvement in female representation in the film industry we're still not seeing equal numbers in crew members across all departments

  • 80% of top/high level films do not have a woman at the helm


  • 25% of recent UK cinema releases have been by women, a number boosted by many blockbuster’s releases being postponed due to the pandemic (Birds Eye View)


  • In the USA women made up only 16% of the 100 highest grossing films of 2020


  • Of those 100 films women accounted for only 28% of the producers, 21% of the executive producers, 18% of editors, 12% of screenwriters and 3% of cinematographers


  • 67% of major films employed between zero and four women as heads of department (HODs), compared to 70% of top films which had 10 or more men employed as directors, writers and other jobs

The numbers are not much better on the Streaming platforms.

  • Women accounted for only 31% of key crew positions

  • 63% of shows employed 5 or fewer female crew; 16% of programs employed 5 or fewer men

  • 94% of the shows had no female directors of photography, 81% had no women editors, 76% had no women directors, 73% had no women creators and/or showrunners

Centre for the Study of Women in Film and Television, San Diego State University


As we grow, we intend to create all FREE inclusive webinars for anyone to join.

We will invite women working in the industry to talk about their work, share pearls of wisdom and war stories.

here's where we will post our online events



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Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 - 1654) is one of the most celebrated Baroque artists of the 17th century. Born in Rome in 1593, her father was an artist and taught her to paint. Her tutelage was taken over by another man who raped her. At the tender age of seventeen, she found the courage to accuse him of his crime. During his 9 month-long trial she was subjected to a public physical examination and her fingers were held in thumbscrews while she was repeatedly asked whether she was telling the truth.

all she could repeat was:

"It's true! It's true! It's True!"

Three hundred and fifty years later Artemisia's paintings are still mistaken for her male counterparts' work. 

Since the dawn of cinema Female filmmakers have struggled to get their work recognised - Artemesia's Daughters want to change that for the generations of women to come.



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